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  • Kanji Student Abby
    Kanji Stamps Posted by: Abby 1 month ago

    I’m currently visiting Japan and one thing I’ve noticed in gift shops, are these “Your Name in Kanji” keychain, stamps, etc… what? How is that even possible? My Kanji skills are still a super beginner so I can’t read the Kanji suggested for “Stephanie” or “Lily” or “John” to verify, but they’re probably random or nonsense words, right?

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  • wesley

    They are random on the most common names in Japan. I have my own stamp also, but it is written in katakana. Names like Stephanie, Lily or John will be in most cases written in Katakana as there are almost no kanji for this. You could make up your custom name when you come to Japan and find the right kanji for it. I did that with my two children.

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